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Dates to Remember

2 July

Patronal Festival

3 September

Board meeting

Sunday School

We will have Sunday School on the 9th July and it will be the end of term party!  There will be no Sunday School on 23rd July.  Sunday School will recommence on the 10th September.

Greek Night

Thank you to everyone that joined us to raise funds for the church roof at the Crete Taverna in Southport. Everyone had a good time eating, drinking and dancing and we want to thank all those that donated raffle prizes and congratulate those that won prizes. We look forward to welcoming you all back at the next fundraising event!



Patronal Festival

There is still time to purchase your tickets from Christos 07919203847 for the Bbq on the 2nd of July after the Liturgy. Please encourage your friends and family to attend and support our community. Adults £10, children £5. There will be soft drinks available to purchase on the day for £1.



Church Cleaning day

A big thanks to all who helped with the church cleaning.  A lot of work was undertaken and we are very grateful.


Report given by Fr Dionysios at the annual Clergy conference of the Greek Archdiocese 2017.


There are three things that I think it is worth talking about for this report. Firstly, our church's presentations that we do with cub scouts, secondly our membership of local churches together and their response to the recent bomb in Manchester, and thirdly our need for a priests' house.


Local cub groups like coming to our church in order that the cubs can get their "world faith badge".  Cubs are between the ages of 7-11 and are based in ethos in a similar way to army cadets. The groups come to us for about an hour and a half so we do three activities with them. We split the group of 30 children into two. I take one group and show them the Icons in a lively manner getting them to guess who is depicted in the Icons, working out from visual clues what some of the festal Icons are about, such as the donkey for the Triumphal entry, the water at the Baptism of Christ, and crowns on people heads, explaining that some people in the Icons are painted in the same colour dress in different Icons so you can work out for instance who John the Baptist is by the colour of the clothes he wears.


Fr Christodoulos takes the other half of the group and on two tables which have been set out in the church, he shows them the Holy Vessels the Antimension, the Discos, the Prosphara seal, he shows them how to light charcoal and use the Censer so generally the things that we use in the Liturgy. Then we swap the groups over so each half group gets to see both the vessels and the Icons. Then we give them orange squash and a biscuit, and then we give them a black and white print out of an Icon which they can colour in. Then it’s time for them to go. We are good at it and we enjoy it. We get an average of about 7 groups a year so that's about 200 children per year who learn about Orthodox Icons, and how we do Holy Communion in the Orthodox church.


Our church in Leyland is part of the Churches together in Leyland which looks for common witness that the churches can do to our townsfolk, and my wife is the secretary. Two of the Children who were killed by the bomb in Manchester were from Leyland, one of who had a Greek Cypriot Father. Sadly, he has not responded to our attempts to communicate with him yet. There was a general wish expressed on social media for a vigil, so that people could sit in the town park and show their collective grief at what had happened and their support for the families affected. Some of our local clergy picked up on this and organised the vigil, which I was unable to help with as I was nursing, and so they were able to give a timely Christian response and help to our town in this way.


This year our will be the tenth anniversary from when we bought the church building our community is now in. My church gives me a small salary now about £800 per month. It would help relieve the strain of this on the church if there was a priest’s house, either for the priest to live in or to rent out so as to help raise the money for a proper salary for a priest. I am very grateful to the clergy association and the Archdiocese central fund for the financial support that was given us to complete our Iconostasis. But in a few years when we have been able to work out how to go about the project of a Priests house, I will be asking for more!


Thank you.


Fr. Dionysios-James Higgs                                                      

Priest in Charge. Greek Orthodox community of the Holy Apostles, Leyland


Roof Fund Appeal

We need to raise about £4000 for repairs and re-roofing to the flat roofs around the church hall and other general repairs to the outside walls as a matter of urgency. Please give to this appeal if you are able, letting Gregory know it is for that purpose.  Cheques should be made out to “Holy Apostles Orthodox Trust” and sent to 58 Kingswood Rd, Leyland, PR25 2UN. You may donate via Bacs: Lloyds TSB Sort Code: 30-96-85, Account 03316001, Ref: Your Surname, Roof fund. If you are a UK tax payer, please maximise your giving by completing the Gift Aid declaration.

 Thank you Fr Dionysios



Food Bank   

There is now a collection box for the foodbank in the narthex as well as the church hall. Please add extra items that you may not have thought about donating are boxes of carton milk, tinned meat, soap, toothpaste, toothbrushes etc.

Xpovia polla and happy name day to those celebrating their saint’s day in July.  Anyone who has not given Pres Rebecca their name day details please do so.

5 July

St Cenydd

Ken Doswell

17 July

St Marina

Margie Andrin

22 July

St Magdalena

Magdalena Briggs

Magdalena Ruth Koutsoudis

26 July

St Parasevi

Koulla Paraseva


 New details?

Please let me know if you have moved house, have a new telephone number or changed email address. Many thanks. 07890 208539

Members of the community who are unwell

If you or anyone you know from church is unwell please do let me know so that we can help in whatever way we can. Thank you.  


Church Hall

We are happy to let you know that our church hall is being utilised on a regular basis, but if you know of anyone who is looking for hall space then please speak to a member of the committee. It has also been decided to make the hall available for children’s birthday parties, so please spread the word! There will be a leaflet printed shortly which may be used to advertise the hall for the parties. If you would like some then please speak to a member of the committee.


Newsletter inclusions

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