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                   Newsletter November 2019 


Christmas Cards

Have a look at (go to store) for some very nice orthodox Christmas cards.  They do sell other books and church items also.


Remember in your prayers

Parishioners recovering from illness or surgery…

Ken Doswell and Barbara Kelsall

Sunday School

There will be Sunday School on the 3rd November.

Thank you

Prosphora: Kim Murden, Nicky Pratsas

Food for fellowship: Agni Beckett, Angi Adam and Sahar Morcos.

Church flowers: Rebecca Higgs

Kitchen help: Jenny Baker, Rebecca Higgs and Nicky Pratsas

Artoklasia bakers needed

Artoklasia is needed for the following services:

8 November Archangel Michael

30 November St Andrew

If you would like to provide 5 loaves of Artoklasia bread for one of the services, please email Nicky.

Food Bank

Thank you for continuing to support your Local Food Bank. During October your donations helped us to support an average of 66 households every week by giving out 93 food parcels.  We still have ample supplies of baked beans. So, the following would be helpful: ·Milk ·Tinned Meat ·Tinned fruit & vegetables ·Cereals

If you can help it will be greatly appreciated.


Roof Fund Appeal

We have made a good start to our fundraising with some donations directly to the church. Our current total is £4150. Please continue to share our appeal to anyone you feel will support us.

We would love it if you took a moment to check out our GoFundMe campaign:

There is also a basket for donations in the church, remember to gift aid and make your donation go further.

Your support would mean a lot. Thank you so much!

Xpovia polla and happy name day to those celebrating their saint’s day in November.  Anyone who has not given Pres Rebecca their name day details please do so.

8 November

Archangel Michael

Alan Mellow

Michael Pratsas

Agni Adam

Michael Morcos

16 November

St Mathew

Biju Mathew

Matthew Emett

23 November

St George

George Galegashuili

25 November

Great Marytr Catherine of Alexandria


Katerina Moraitakis

30 November

St Andrew

Andrei Davidson

Anda Marinescu

Andreas Evangelos

Andrew Pratsas

Andrew Deaconos



A valued member of the congregation is looking for an experienced joiner for an immediate start in his company. If you are or know someone who has the relevant skills and experience and would like to join Manos and his team, then he would like to hear from you on 07852202867.




New details?

Please let me know if you have moved to a new house, have a new telephone number or changed email address. Many thanks. 07890 208539

Members of the community who are unwell

If you or anyone you know from church is unwell, please do let me know so that we can help in whatever way we can. Thank you.  


Church Hall

We are happy to let you know that our church hall is being utilised on a regular basis, but if you know of anyone who is looking for hall space then please speak to a member of the committee. It has also been decided to make the hall available for children’s birthday parties, so please spread the word! There will be a leaflet printed shortly which may be used to advertise the hall for the parties. If you would like some then please speak to a member of the committee.


Newsletter inclusions

The deadline for any announcements, news, Christian book reviews or articles is the 26th of each month for inclusion in the following month’s newsletter. If you wish for it to be included for more than one month, then please specify the length of time. All items may be emailed to Nicky at       





Services and Events for November 2019




3rd November


Holy Liturgy 2th Sunday After Pentecost

Sunday School

10th November


Holy Liturgy 21st Sunday After Pentecost

16th November


Holy Liturgy Dalton-in-Furness


17th November


Holy Liturgy 22nd Sunday After Pentecost

24th November


Holy Liturgy 23rd Sunday After Pentecost