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 We were heavyhearted on Sunday as we bid farewell to Christos, as he and his family embark on a wonderful new chapter in Northern Ireland. Christos has been a dominant fixture in our church since 2003 and has been instrumental in getting our church a permanent home and all the beautiful icons that adorn our iconostasis. He and his wife Martina have spent many a busy weekend arranging church BBQ’s and fundraising events. We wish them every luck and happiness for their new adventure and congratulations to Christos on his fantastic new job as Head teacher. 


Letter from Gregory


Dear Friends,


It is a well-known fact that, within most voluntary organizations such as churches, responsibilities and tasks tend to fall on the shoulders of a few individuals.  This is unfortunate as the everyday tasks that keep a church running can be done by just about anybody who has a little bit of spare time.  To become involved in supporting the running of the church is not only a menial but a spiritual task.  It draws us all closer together and to God.  We support each other in His Love.

At our last Church Committee meeting it was decided that we should make everyone aware of some of the myriad tasks that are needed to keep the Church running well and safely.  To this end a list of various tasks and responsibilities has been attached.  Obviously, there are many responsibilities that can only be done by the Clergy, Chairman, Treasurer and Secretary and these are not listed but, as you can see from the list, there are many other things that can be done by any willing members.  I’m also sure that there are other things that are not mentioned that members can think should be added.

I implore everyone to look at the list and pray about it.  Is there something you can do – even just one small task or responsibility – to help relieve the burden on those people already doing it?  Our church community will grow much closer together as we all become more involved.

Your Servant in Christ



  • Building maintenance and safety
    • Electric/ Gas/ Fire/Extinguisher certificates
    • Liaise with above authorities/providers
    • Coordinate building work
    • Utilities renewals
    • Church Cleaning oversight
    • Tea and Washing up Rota
    • Icon Maintenance
    • Annual Church Insurance renewal
    • Events/Fundraising
      • Coordinate and delegate event responsibilities
      • Suggest new events and approaches
      • Lead/Organize Events
      • Hall Hire
        • Maintain schedule
        • Liaise with customers/ potential customers
        • Manage contracts
        • Newsletter
          • Complete and distribute newsletter
          • Social media and website
            • Update Facebook/ reply to messages
            • Add event photos to Facebook
            • Update website with newsletter and services
            • Sunday School
            • Prosphora Baking
            • Servers
            • Collections in services
            • Choir


Our very best wishes to Kiriaki and Kosta on their wedding. They went off to Greece and have come back as husband and wife. We wish them many happy years together.


Sunday School

There will be no Sunday School during the month of August.



There will be no vespers until further notice.


Food Bank

There is a collection box for the foodbank in the narthex as well as the church hall.  Thank you for continuing to support your Local Food Bank. Thank you for continuing to support the Local Food Bank. During May your donations helped us to support an average of 58 households every week by

giving out 86 food parcels.

We currently have ample stocks of baked beans and soup.

However, we need:

  • ·Curry, chilli and Pasta sauce
  • ·Tinned pasta
  • ·Tinned fruit and vegetables
  • ·Milk and cereal


If you can help it will be greatly appreciated.




Roof Fund Appeal

We have made a good start to our fundraising with some donations directly to the church. Our current total is £4150. Please continue to share our appeal to anyone you feel will support us.

We would love it if you took a moment to check out our GoFundMe campaign:

There is also a basket for donations in the church, remember to gift aid and make your donation go further.

Your support would mean a lot. Thank you so much!

Xpovia polla and happy name day to those celebrating their saint’s day in August.  Anyone who has not given Pres Rebecca their name day details please do so.

15 August

Dormition of the Theotokos

Maro Shaw

Pam Riley

Miriam (Jenny) Baker

Maria Davidson

Maria Burke

26 August

St Natalia

Natalia Elkin

28 August

St Mary

Mariam Aptsiauri

30 August

St Alexander

Alexander Adams

New details?

Please let me know if you have moved to a new house, have a new telephone number or changed email address. Many thanks. 07890 208539

Members of the community who are unwell

If you or anyone you know from church is unwell, please do let me know so that we can help in whatever way we can. Thank you.  


Church Hall

We are happy to let you know that our church hall is being utilised on a regular basis, but if you know of anyone who is looking for hall space then please speak to a member of the committee. It has also been decided to make the hall available for children’s birthday parties, so please spread the word! There will be a leaflet printed shortly which may be used to advertise the hall for the parties. If you would like some then please speak to a member of the committee.


Newsletter inclusions

The deadline for any announcements, news, Christian book reviews or articles is the 26th of each month for inclusion in the following month’s newsletter. If you wish for it to be included for more than one month, then please specify the length of time. All items may be emailed to Nicky at       


Services and Events for August 2019




4th August


Holy Liturgy 7th Sunday After Pentecost

11th August


Holy Liturgy. 8th Sunday After Pentecost

18th August


Holy Liturgy 9th Sunday After Pentecost


25th August


Holy Liturgy 10th Sunday After Pentecost