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Newsletter April 2018                          



Congratulations to Jane, who had her Chrismation on Sunday morning 18 March before the Holy Liturgy. We welcome her into our Orthodox family and wish her many years!                       

Pascha Collection

This year our Paschal collections will go to Paradise4Kids Charity. Website

PK4A aka P4K is a full volunteer organisation raising funds for Faith, Food and Education in some of the poorest nations on Earth. We sponsor missionaries recommended to us by Orthodox Monk Rev Themi Adamopoulo, who has served in Africa for over 20 years from the East Coast to the West Coast.
Rev Themi’s mission is to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ and to meet the human needs, in the name of Jesus and through the love of Jesus without discrimination. With 3 distinct and separate organisations, Paradise 4 Kids Australia, the United States and the United Kingdom share one website, one faith, one goal and one Gospel; the Gospel of Jesus Christ, seeking to fulfil HIS words in Matt 25, to help those who Hunger, who Thirst, the Naked, the Sick and the Forgotten.

On average, more than 90% of all funds collected for Approved Grants are sent to Africa to be dispersed by Rev Themi. PK4A & P4K pay no salaries, have no staff, operate no offices, own no property, with all work and workers being voluntary. We support people who work for the right reasons and who are accountable and transparent. Raising funds is just half the job; making sure it is spent properly and frugally is the most important issue any charity has. And for this reason, we have chosen men and women who were once like you and I, living in a world of plenty, who gave up everything they had, and left the comforts of the western world, to live and work as the poor, in the same surroundings, the same environment as the ones we look to help. Not everyone has the capacity to help the poor, some are called to raise funds, some are called to sit behind a desk, some are called to work for short periods of time, and in our case, we look for those rare persons who are called to live as the poor for the poor. In our search by trial and error, we found the best persons that fit our criteria were men and women of faith; people who followed a code of practice that is more important than their image, more important than ego’s, more important than a resume and much more important than their own lives. These sets of criteria usually lead us to missionaries who happen to be priests and pastors in the church. Priests and Pastors who work together as one because in poverty, everyone helps everyone, or people die. In Africa, our search led us to Rev Themi Adamopoulo, a man born in Africa, raised in Australia, educated in the US and a monk of the Orthodox Church. Once a rock n roll star, playing alongside such greats as the Rolling Stones, this man could have ended up a star of music or a politician in the halls of government. But somehow his Marxist beliefs and struggle for equality for the working man, this intellectual academic who once graced the halls of institutions such as Harvard and Brown, is now our man on the ground in Africa. In Papua New Guinea (PNG), we search for Educators seeking to offer free education in remote areas; we look for provinces that we can partner with us for Faith, Food, Education and Health

Sunday School

Sunday School will take place on the 22nd April. There will be no Sunday School on the 8th.

Committee Appeal

After the committee meeting and treasurers report last Sunday 25 March 2018, it is clear to all that the Church's financial figures are low. If we project forward 12 months and include all the repairs that need doing such as the replacement of the flat roofs and the pointing work to the church building, it is evident that we will be in negative figures. Our parish is self-supporting, and this means that we do not get any support or funding from the Arch diocese or any other organisation. We have in recent months suffered a significant reduction in income due to the loss of a long-standing tenant renting hall space. Could we encourage everyone to evaluate what they are able to contribute and consider increasing their Standing order, or if they do not yet have one, set up a standing order to the church. We encourage all the congregation to also talk about our church to their friends and colleagues. Not many people are aware that there is an Orthodox church in Leyland and we could grow our community by raising awareness.

If you would like to donate to the Roof fund or start a standing order the details are as follows:

Cheques should be made out to “Holy Apostles Orthodox Trust” and sent to 58 Kingswood Rd, Leyland, PR25 2UN.

You may donate or set up a standing order Lloyds TSB Sort Code: 30-96-85, Account 03316001


Booklets on Holy Week, a liturgical explanation and daily and special occasion prayers are on sale for £3 on the bookstall.

Food Bank 

There is a collection box for the foodbank in the narthex as well as the church hall. Please add extra items that you may not have thought about donating. Boxes of carton milk, tinned meat, soap, toothpaste, toothbrushes etc.

Roof Fund Appeal

We need to raise about £8000 for repairs and re-roofing to the flat roofs around the church hall and other general repairs to the outside walls as a matter of urgency. Please give to this appeal if you are able, letting Gregory know it is for that purpose.  Cheques should be made out to “Holy Apostles Orthodox Trust” and sent to 58 Kingswood Rd, Leyland, PR25 2UN. You may donate via Bacs: Lloyds TSB Sort Code: 30-96-85, Account 03316001, Ref: Your Surname, Roof fund. If you are a UK tax payer, please maximise your giving by completing the Gift Aid declaration.

 Thank you.  Fr. Dionysios

Xpovia polla and happy name day to those celebrating their saint’s day in April.  Anyone who has not given Pres Rebecca their name day details please do so.

1 April

Palm Sunday

Kalina Emett

8 April

Easter Sunday

Maria Dunkow

Anastasia Bradford

Anastasia Tsoutsoumpis

15 April

St Leonidas

Leo Chappell

23 April

St George

George Mathew

George Xanthoulis

George Morcos

25 April

St Mark

Mark Chapman

29 April

St Irina

Irina Ellis

New details

Please let me know if you have moved to a new house, have a new telephone number or changed email address. Many thanks. 07890 208539

Members of the community who are unwell

If you or anyone you know from church is unwell, please do let me know so that we can help in whatever way we can. Thank you.  


 Church Hall

We are happy to let you know that our church hall is being utilised on a regular basis, but if you know of anyone who is looking for hall space then please speak to a member of the committee. It has also been decided to make the hall available for children’s birthday parties, so please spread the word! There will be a leaflet printed shortly which may be used to advertise the hall for the parties. If you would like some then please speak to a member of the committee.

 Newsletter inclusions

The deadline for any announcements, news, Christian book reviews or articles is the 26th of each month for inclusion in the following month’s newsletter. If you wish for it to be included for more than one month, then please specify the length of time. All items may be emailed to Nicky at       

Services and Events for April 2018




1 April



Holy Liturgy. Palm Sunday

Matins of the Bridegrooms

4 April


Sacrament of Holy Unction (Anointing Service)

5 April


Holy Passion- 12 Gospels

6 April




Royal Hours

Decoration of the Epitaphios

Epitaphios and Lamentations

7 April




Liturgy of St Basil (Good for children)

Reading of Acts of the Apostles

Midnight office, followed by Proclamation of the Resurrection, Matins of the Resurrection, Liturgy and feast

15 April


Holy Liturgy. 2nd Sunday of Pascha

22 April


Holy Liturgy. 3rd Sunday of Pascha

Sunday School

29 April


Holy Liturgy. 4th Sunday of Pascha

There will be no Vespers in April. Vespers will re-commence on the 2nd of May 2018